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The TreeAligner Project

The TreeAligner is a tool for annotating and browsing correspondences between elements of syntactical trees. It can be used for creating paralell treebanks. It also includes a powerful search function.


The TreeAligner allows you to create links between corresponding nodes (or words) in two treebanks in different languages. This is useful for creating parallel treebanks, which have a wide array of linguistic applications, most notably machine translation.

The TreeAligner displays trees from input files in TIGER-XML format with

  • node labels
  • edge labels
  • and even crossing branches,

making it useful for browsing TIGER-XML files as well.

Starting Points


The TreeAligner is availabe under the GNU GPL.

Copyright © 2005-2009 TreeAligner Project

  • Programmers
    • Torsten Marek <marek@…>
    • Joakim Lundborg <joakim.lundborg@…>
    • Sandra Roth <sroth@…>
  • Previous Programmers
    • Maël Mettler ✝
  • Project Head
    • Martin Volk <volk@…>


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